Watch Winder

As a reminder, unlike watches equipped with batteries such as quartz watches, or watches with mechanical winding that are wound manually, automatic watches take their energy from everyday movements. By simply wearing it on your wrist, your automatic timepiece will naturally recharge itself thanks to the swing of your arms. A full charge usually lasts about 40 to 50 hours, while some automatic watches can last nearly a week. The problem for many watch enthusiasts and collectors is the rather rapid discharge of these automatic watches. They are often luxury accessories that are worn occasionally and therefore they are drained of all energy. The ideal solution is to purchase an automatic watch case or "watch winder" and to provide your beloved watches with a daily rotation movement. 

How does an automatic watch box work?

Nothing very complicated, a remontoir watch box is simply a box or storage allowing to contain more or less watches with automatic movement. A rotation is then applied individually on each watch to recharge them thanks to the kinetic energy. The automatic watch winder works with batteries or by plugging it directly into a socket. Usually, this rotation is adjustable and programmable. So you can plan ahead to recharge your automatic watch before you leave for a wedding.

Investing in an automatic watch winder, good or bad idea?

A watch winder may be considered a gadget by the uninitiated, but it is an indispensable accessory for the watch enthusiast. Not only does it allow a daily recharge of your watches, but it also prevents the oils in the mechanism from drying out. Without a regular movement, your timepieces risk being damaged and suffering the undesirable effects of time.

Finally, the aesthetic side of a watch winder plays a big role. This is clearly not the primary function of the object, but when it comes to highlighting your most beautiful and luxurious watches, we do not hesitate to indulge ourselves. In real wood, quality leather or designed with noble materials more modern, our collection of watch winder box can only please you. Also, if you wish to please your wife at the same time, our collection of women's watch boxes should please her. Our watch boxes are more feminine with light colors and chic design.